10 Powerful Reasons Why Headless Ecommerce is the Future of Online Shopping

Innovation through integration

The headless ecommerce architecture excels in its ability to integrate with other systems. As the e-commerce industry evolves, businesses will require more than just a one-stop shopping platform, they will need to incorporate the best tools available. This means a greater emphasis on integration. By adopting a headless approach, e-commerce can be seamlessly integrated with other systems such as CRM, fulfilment API, TMS, CMS and any future innovations, making it more efficient and effective for the business.

Headless e-commerce platforms

Litekart is an open-source headless e-commerce platform that is designed for the fast-paced and customer-focused era. It offers a flexible and robust ReST API for developers who prioritize speed and dependability. Brands using Litekart can quickly adapt and incorporate new technologies through an integrated and customer-centric approach. The platform utilizes a cutting-edge technology stack that includes Python, ReST, PWA, React, and Docker, providing both efficiency and security.

Headless E-commerce: The Advantages of Separating the Front-end and Back-end

  • Decouple the front + back ends. Thanks to a headless approach combined with ReST API, your front-end developers can start work prior to completion of the back-end. They can work independently based on the SDL schema.
  • Offer more front-end design freedom unavailable in traditional sites to create better user experiences. You can use JavaScript and other modern tools like Gatsby to freely shape your storefront to anything you can imagine.
  • Allow the creation of different versions of your front-end for specific needs/devices, including PWA applications, multi-channel and multi-store.
  • Improve stability as isolation of features eliminates the chance that an issue with one feature will impact another.
  • Allow easy integration with other services. The modern Internet is built on service-based architecture. Headless e-commerce readies your products for two-directional consumption by external services such as Snapchat, Instagram or any other integration your business requires (like CRM or CMS).
  • Operate faster and with more scalability than traditional sites.

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