Create Scalable Multi-Vendor Marketplaces in No Time

Scalable and robust multi-vendor marketplaces can be built in no time with the right tools. Utilize a solution that allows for easy setup and management of multiple vendors, products, and transactions all in one place. Streamline the process and focus on growing your marketplace.

Vendor Sign-Up Simplified

Effortlessly onboard new vendors to your marketplace with self-registration. A streamlined process allows vendors to provide all necessary information, including company details, contact information, login credentials, and banking information, in one simple form. This process creates a unique account for each vendor, making it easy to manage and track their activity.

Vendor Product Approval

Maintain quality control on your marketplace by implementing an approval flow for vendor products. Administrators have the ability to review and approve or reject products submitted by vendors, ensuring that only relevant, high-quality items are featured on the marketplace. This system gives you full control over the products that are available on your platform, helping you to create a seamless, trustworthy shopping experience for your customers.

Vendor Management

An organized system to manage vendors, their products, and transactions. Admin can assign different roles and permissions to each vendor, such as product upload, order fulfillment, and revenue sharing. This allows for a smooth and efficient management of multiple vendors on the marketplace.

Inventory Management

Vendors can easily manage their inventory by setting stock levels and tracking stock status. Receive notifications when stock levels are low, and easily update stock levels in real-time. Make sure to never run out of stock and keep your customers happy.

Order Management

Efficiently manage and track orders for your multi-vendor marketplace using the built-in order management system. Easily view and update order status, track shipping and delivery, and manage returns and refunds. Monitor and manage vendor performance and customer satisfaction through detailed order analytics and reporting.

Vendor Management and Oversight

Admins have complete control over vendor activities and can easily track their performance. This includes the ability to add, approve, or reject vendors and their products, view vendor details, calculate commission and payouts, and analyze vendor, store, and traffic performance.

Scalable Multi-Vendor Marketplace Platform

Create a scalable multi-vendor marketplace with Litekart’s powerful ecommerce platform built on MACH architecture. Utilize the advantages of Microservices, API-first, Cloud-Native, and Headless technology to easily expand to new markets, sellers, products, and customers. Manage vendors and approve products with ease, and gain valuable insights through detailed vendor performance reports. Give vendors their own dashboard to manage their inventory and orders, and provide customers with a seamless shopping experience.


Unified notifications allow for easy communication between store owners, vendors, and customers by sending updates through various channels such as email, SMS, browser, and mobile push notifications. This feature ensures that everyone is informed and up-to-date on business activities in real-time.

Customizable Order Management

Customize your order management process to fit your business needs. Set up automatic order confirmation and tracking, as well as manage returns and refunds with ease. Allow vendors to manage their own orders and shipping, or keep full control in the hands of the admin.

Seller Page

This helps customers to easily identify and shop from their favorite vendors, while also promoting vendor loyalty and retention on your platform.

Shipping Integration

Integrated shipping options for your multi-vendor marketplace with Litekart’s logistics aggregator, ShipKaro. Enjoy discounted rates and access to the best providers across 26,000+ PIN codes for streamlined and cost-effective shipping for your vendors and customers.

Headless Commerce

Headless commerce for personalization Create personalized customer experiences on your multi-vendor marketplace using the power of headless commerce architecture. Utilize API-based solutions to easily implement agile strategies and integrate with top-of-the-line software for enhanced engagement and new customer touchpoints.

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