Effortless Management of Multiple Stores: The Multi-Store Ecommerce Solution

Roll out your multi-storefront website with Litekart multi-store ecommerce platform

“Maximize Your Business Potential: The Ultimate Multi-Store Ecommerce Solution”


  • A comprehensive set of features to meet the diverse needs of your business
  • A common dashboard to manage multiple sub-stores using Litekart’s multi-store ecommerce solution
  • Single dashboard to efficiently manage multiple websites using a single database to allocate products, deals, discounts, shipping, and payment gateways to various sub-stores
  • Unique store URLs to create multiple subdomains or domains for your storefronts to ensure better marketing and SEO
  • Store-specific catalogues to showcase different products to target customer segments
  • Price overrides by store to take advantage of differential pricing and maximize profit
  • Store selection feature based on customer preference to set up multiple storefronts that customers can choose based on their location
  • Store-specific discounts to attract more customers on each store
  • Store-specific coupon codes for flash sales and limited-time offers
  • B2B features like multi-seller to create more flexibility and increase sales
  • Diverse currency and language options for each store based on target audience preferences
  • Different payment gateways based on geographical location of customers
  • Store-specific shipping rates to optimize shipping costs and gain popularity as a local bestseller
  • Store-specific designs and themes to create unique look and feel for each storefront.

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