Unleashing the Power of Ecommerce Product Attributes: Elevating Your E-commerce Game

Ecommerce Product attributes are a collection of traits that define a specific product. These features are what distinguish one product from another. Attributes refer to the specific characteristics, elements, or components that make up a product.

Understanding Product Attributes:

In our previous article, we discussed product variants. This time, let’s delve into the topic of product attributes.

Product attributes can be divided into two categories: tangible and intangible. When creating an attribute, it must be assigned a value. Both tangible and intangible attributes can have various characteristics. Here are a few examples of attributes and values:

Tangible attributes:

In an online fashion business, some of the key attributes that customers look for are size, color, and material.

  • Size: XL, S, M, 34
  • Color: red, blue, black
  • Material: cotton, polyester

Intangible attributes:

  • Safety test scores: 80%, 5 star
  • Year of production: 2020
  • Quality: high, standard

The importance of using product attributes: Detailed descriptions based on product features can help inform customers and increase their confidence in purchasing your product.

Distinguishing product and variant attributes:

Attributes are shared among all product variants. For example, if you run an online bookstore, some common attributes can be genres, series, or authors. Consider the genre of a book as an attribute, where different categories such as fiction, sci-fi, history, romance, and more are available. When it comes to the product variant, a book format can be a good example. You can offer the same book in both paperback and hardcover. Another example of a product attribute is the car manufacturer, where all car variants are provided by the same company.

Adding product attributes on Litekart:

Litekart offers a flexible approach in adding attributes to products in your online store. It is powered by ReST and allows you to easily add, modify, and refine your product catalog. For more information on creating attributes and using Litekart, please refer to the Litekart documentation.

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