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Why Litekart ?


  • Niche vertical marketplace: sell niche products
  • Horizontal marketplace: multiple product lines
  • Service aggregation marketplace(B2C): sell services of vendors on your marketplace
  • B2B : sell wholesale products and services on marketplace
  • Complete admin control , freedom to vendors, vast product options for customers
  • Vendor self-registration
  • Admin approval flow
  • Separate vendor dashboard
  • Vendor product management
  • Admin dashboard
  • Vendor management by admin
  • Individual commission setup
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor specific shipping and discounts
  • Order and shipping management by vendor
  • Seller ledger
  • Seller page: each seller gets unique seller page
  • Support for adaptive payments
  • Seller control of taxes
  • Returns and refunds : admin/vendor processing
  • Vendor comparison
  • Integrated shipping

Multi store

  • Category based stores
  • Affiliate stores: affiliate netwoks
  • Single dashboard: manage multiple websites using single dashboard
  • Unique store URLS
  • Store specific catalogue
  • Price override by store
  • Store selection: offer store selection feature based on customer preference
  • Store specific discounts/coupons
  • Diverse currency and language
  • Store specific shipping rates
  • Store groups: group multiple storefront onto a big multi shop

Omnichannel Ecommerce

  • Omnichannel multivendor marketplace
  • Omnichannel offline and online multistore network
  • Omnichannel B2B2C marketplace

D2C Ecommerce

  • Directly selling to your customers
  • D2C online marketplace
  • Hybrid D2C online marketplace: sell products to end customers thorough network of dealers located in multiple locations.
  • D2C horizontal marketplace: sell your own brands directly with ancillary products to the end customers.

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