The first step of a Litekart Commerce project is evaluating and choosing from various infrastructure options. Litekart does not define specific infrastructure requirements. You can select the following infrastructure options that meet your needs.

  • Existing infrastructure you may have that is suitable for building and running an enterprise JavaScript solution like Litekart Commerce.
  • New infrastructure you might prefer to create for building and running an enterprise JavaScript solution like Litekart Commerce.

All infrastructure options require investing time and resources. There will be an initial effort required to select and implement your infrastructure, and there will be ongoing effort required to maintain, troubleshoot, and support the infrastructure. This ongoing effort will last for the duration of your AMC.

NOTE: For all infrastructure solutions, it is your responsibility to own, operate, maintain, and support the infrastructure.


Litekart provides two different ways of running Self-Managed Commerce with containers.

The information in this section is for customers who develop their infrastructure solution. It provides information about building and running Litekart Self-Managed as containers in your containerized environment.

Manual Install

Litekart Commerce supports manual installation and deployment on bare-metal or virtual servers.


Any infrastructure suitable for running containerized enterprise applications can be used to run Litekart Commerce containers. Litekart provides tooling for building Litekart Commerce Docker-style containers.

Containerization Introduction

Litekart Self-Managed Commerce is most often run in Docker-style containers. To enable this, Litekart provides and supports tools for building Litekart Commerce container images.

  • Litekart dev
  • Litekart staging
  • Litekart API
  • Litekart core
  • Litekart admin
  • Litekart storefront
  • Database to Search Sync Server
  • Elasticsearch
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Docker Deployment Monitor
  • Redis
  • Image processing
  • Vendor Panel

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