1. Introduction

The Service Level Agreement ("SLA") is entered into by and between Misiki Technologies, ("Service Provider") and Customer, ("Customer") for the purchase of a customized version of Litekart as per the Ecommerce Development Agreement as a white-labeled branded solution.

2. Scope of Services
  • Misiki Technologies agrees to provide Customer with access to a separate codebase specially made for Customer.
  • As per the ecommerce agreement Customer will own the codebase and all derivatives of it upon final delivery.
  • Misiki agrees to deliver the features as per Litekart Enterprise Features (Annexture-I) including the customisation specification documents provided by Customer
  • Misiki Technologies will provide best effort assistance with product customization and existing ecommerce features.
3. Service Description
  • 3.1 Ecommerce Website Development : Misiki Technologies will create a customized, responsive online store for Customer, optimized for fast page-load across devices.
  • 3.2 Customization : Customer can work with developers to customize any aspect of the website's design and shopping cart.
  • 3.3 Personalization : Customer Litekart allows Customer to personalize the website to better engage and convert shoppers using a flexible modular code base and conditional logic.
  • 3.4 Mobile Optimization : Litekart designs are fully responsive, providing an optimal shopping experience on Andoid(Version 12,13,14), iOS(Version 15,16,17) devices.
  • 3.5 Performance : Litekart ensures faster page load times (average under 2 seconds) for improved conversion rates.
  • 3.6 Security : All Litekart plans include HTTPS across the entire site for secure transactions and compliance with SEO guidelines.
  • 3.7 SEO Optimization : Litekart sites are built for better search engine rankings through various SEO-friendly features.
  • 3.8 Social Media Integration : Litekart features pre-integrated social media promotion tools for platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • 3.9 API Integration : Customer can build custom integrations with Litekart using its powerful and flexible API.
  • 3.10 Abandoned Cart Recovery : Litekart includes an abandoned cart saver tool to recover lost sales through customizable email campaigns.
  • 3.11 Streamlined Checkout : Litekart's single-page checkout improves conversion rates by up to 22%.
  • 3.12 Payment Gateway : Stripe integration will be included by default, and we can explore any additional integrations as needed.
  • 3.13 Email Marketing Feature : Choose any option, and we'll tailor the integration to your preferences. You're responsible for the initial setup, while we'll handle the integration process.
  • 3.14 Litekart Features and Services : The features available in the following link is agreed to be provided with Litekart.
4. Support and Maintenance
  • 4.1 Developer Support : Customer will have access to expert support, with premium services available for Enterprise merchants. Misiki will provide 12 months free support for the delivered software.
  • 4.2 Migration and Onboarding : Litekart provides onboarding assistance and a dedicated personal consultant for platform migration or new store launches.
  • 4.3 Business Hours : Our business hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm IST (excluding holidays). The business hour will extend by +4hrs during launch and upto 2 weeks after launch.
  • 4.4 Support Process : Incidents can be notified through Phone Call / Whatsapp / Telegram for faster resolution. Suggestions/Feature requests need to be intimated through email Only the list of feature that is delivered/developed/customized by Team Misiki will be addressed under this support aggrement, any change made by others including employees of Customer is excluded from this.
Severity Level Description SLA Resolution
Severity Level 1 Production site outage with severe business impact (e.g. storefront is down, customers cannot check out) Response within 1 business hour after being notified 4hr business hours (Under normal condition)
Severity Level 2 Production site issue that negatively impacts the business (e.g. new product can not be imported, cannot search for product through admin panel) Response within 8 business hours 1 business day after response (Under normal condition)
Severity Level 3 Non-production environment issues, minor problems that cause minimal disruption (e.g. an issue in a development environment or there is a viable workaround) Response within 1 business day 5 business days after response (Under normal condition)

Note : If you have an existing Severity 1 ticket open we will keep working on it urgently until there is a work around or a full resolution. Once the initial severity 1 issue is resolved, further replies on that ticket will be responded to within business hours. If the issue resurfaces or a different issue comes up, you must submit a new ticket with the appropriate urgency setting.

  • The Customer shall authorize one person to coordinate with Misiki for implementation of the project.
  • Customer is responsible to provide required subscriptions, required servers, all website contents, payment gateway information, SMS gateway and other necessary information in a timely manner to complete the project in time.
  • Customer shall be responsible for any delay in completion of the project by reason of delay in providing necessary requirements to Misiki.
  • Misiki shall have sole responsibility for any violations of laws and regulations or infringements of other people's rights in the development of App/Website or in finished App.
  • Customer shall submit to Service Provider in writing all requests by Customer for any such additional services which alter, amend, enhance, add to, or delete from the Services and/or time and/or place of performance (hereinafter referred to as "Support Ticket", "Modification/Change Request" or "Request").
  • Misiki will provide necessary support towards implmenting GDPR regulations, whereas the regulations details and implementation details need to be specified and verified by The Customer.
Metrics and Measurement
  • Litekart's architecture is scalable and can handle huge amount of traffic and checkouts depending on the capacity of underlaying infra. If any specific performance is expected by Customer, the testing environment to be previsioned by Customer for the required performance metrics, and we will provide required support for the same.
  • Litekart has been tested with 2 baremetal servers of 64GB RAM capacity each and found working well. The following stats were taken out during the test process for customer facing storefront
    • Support for 1Million+ real users in a month span of time.
    • Support catalogs with 1Million+ products
    • 2,000+ checkouts in a day
    • 150ms top performance of api calls under optimal condition
    • Maximum API response time will be 3-seconds with 1GPBS server network, 25MBPS customer network, 128GB of server RAM and 64 core server CPU with 500 concurrent users (30 minute ramp up period)
    • Able to handle upto 3000 ramp up users (30 minute duration)
5. Agreement Duration and Termination

This SLA is effective upon acceptance and will remain in effect until terminated by either party or 12 months period whichever is lower. Either party may terminate this agreement with written notice if the other party breaches any material term or condition.

6. Governing Law

This SLA shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction in which Misiki Technologies is located.

Service Provider: Misiki Technologies LLP

[Authorized Signatory]
Address: #20, Kuarmunda, Sundergarh, Odisha-770039, India
LIN: AAP-9397


[Authorized Signatory]

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed this Service Level Agreement as of Effective Date: 22-Jul-2024

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